GIDRM day “Protein Structure-Function Relationship: new challenges and advancements”

Location: University of Verona, Strada delle Grazie 15, Verona

Date: 19 October 2018

Aims of the workshop:

The aim of this GIDRM day is to bring together the Italian community interested in structural and functional studies of proteins and complex biomolecular systems with a high impact on biological research.

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  • Enrica Bordignon (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
  • Guido Grandi (University of Trento)
  • Andrea Musacchio (Max-Planck Institute Dortmund)
  • Giovanna Musco (Ospedale S. Raffaele HRS, Milano)
  • Claudia Napoli/Francesca Benevelli (Bruker Biospin)
  • Alessandro Paiardini (University of Roma “La Sapienza”)
  • Alessandra Pesce (University of Genova)
  • Roberta Pierattelli (University of Firenze)
  • Guido Pintacuda (Université de Lyon)


Scientific Commitee:

  • Michael Assfalg
  • Alessandra Astegno
  • Lucia Calucci
  • Donatella Capitani
  • Michele Chierotti
  • Paola Dominici
  • Mariapina D’Onofrio
  • Marco Geppi
  • Giuseppe Pileio
  • Paola Turano


The registration fee is 50 euros for non-GIDRM members or 30 euros for members who paid the fee for the year 2018.

Deadline for registration: 30 September 2018

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Locandina Finale giornata Verona

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