Written by Giuseppe Pileio and published on 13 June 2022 by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the book consists of a series of lectures introducing what the author believes to be the theoretical minimum for the understanding of nuclear spin dynamics, the branch of physics underpinning magnetic resonance techniques such as NMR and MRI. Spin dynamics ultimately concern the study of the state and time evolution of systems made by a large collection of particles possessing spin, one of the most subtle and indeed fascinating concepts in relativistic quantum mechanics and whose understanding requires a mix of quantum mechanics, Hamiltonian dynamics and advanced mathematics.

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Autore Giuseppe Pileio
Lingua Inglese
Editore Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN 978-1839166686
Formato 15.75 x 1.78 x 23.62 cm
N. Pagine 228
Anno Pubblicazione 2022
Copertina Rigida

Ulteriori Informazioni

Written in the concise and direct style appropriate for university lectures, this book is addressed to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are approaching magnetic resonance studies and want to reach the theoretical minimum required to understand the wider topic and its main applications. The book is suitable for researchers who work in the field of magnetic resonance and want to know more about its theoretical fundamentals.

Finally, built as a complete set of 12 lectures and 4 workshops, the book can act as a solid reference to lecturers of magnetic resonance university modules.
Trained in a world-leading research laboratory internationally recognised for its contributions to the NMR field, the author has a track record in theoretical and methodological developments of nuclear spin dynamics. In this book, he tries to merge his passion for the understanding of physics through its mathematical rendering with his personal quest for the elegance of a clean, clear and satisfactory explanation.

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