One-year postdoctoral position available at University of Namur (Belgium)

One-year postdoctoral position available starting from March 1th, 2018 at University of Namur (Belgium)

In the field of nuclear magnetic resonance and theoretical calculations

Supervisors: Dr. Luca Fusaro, Prof. Benoit Champagne, Prof. Stephane Lucas

Research topic: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to detect radiation dose deposition

Context of proposed research
• The research will be focused on the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) at low field (1T) to detect radiation dose deposition on liquid samples. Theoretical calculations of relevant NMR parameters will be also performed.
• The research will be developed within the frame of a multidisciplinary research project involving the collaboration between different departements of University of Namur (UNamur) and a company leader in the field of proton therapy.
• The research will take place mainly at the UNamur.


Criteria of eligibility

The candidate should:
• possess a Master in Chemistry or Physics (5 years) and a PhD degree in Sciences
• have a previous experience in NMR spectroscopy
• have a good knowledge of English and/or French.
• have a basic knowledge of standard software (Office, data analysis programs etc.) and basic informatics skills

A previous experience in the field of theoretical calculations will be a plus

The applicants should send a CV indicating the names of two persons for reference, a copy of the Diploma and PhD degree, a letter of motivation (describing the adequacy to the profile) to Dr. Luca Fusaro and Prof. Stephane Lucas.

Contact :
Dr. Luca Fusaro and Prof. Stephane Lucas
E-mail :;