We are recruiting a post-doc or research assistant on our project “Advancing MRI biomarkers of brain tissue microstructure and energetics in Multiple Sclerosis.”

The project aims to develop and compare novel measures of brain oxygen metabolism and brain tissue microstructure and employs techniques of functional MRI and diffusion weighted imaging combined with models of physiological processes and microstructure. The post-holder would work with our research group to develop MRI acquisition methods, analyse 
signals and apply such methods to study the human brain in healthy volunteers and people with Multiple Sclerosis. The position would suit researchers with an applied physics or engineering background or neuroscientists able to develop a good understanding of MRI.

The project lasts for 2 years and is based at the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ITAB), University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy. The appointment will be in the Department of Neurosciences, Imaging and Clinical Sciences (DNISC). For more information about the Department please see www.dni.unich.it.

Interested candidates are advised to contact, as soon as possible, Professor Richard Wise (richard.wise@unich.it) or Prof. Valentina Tomassini (valentina.tomassini@unich.it) for informal discussions before applying.

The deadline for applications is 9 June 2024. Formal recruitment procedures for these positions can be found on the University website:

Please navigate to the section “D.R. n.1886 prot. n.87247 del 04/12/2023 Bando di concorso per il conferimento di n. 13 assegni per la collaborazione ad attività di ricerca.”

The relevant position is N.4 in the document scheda_1declaratoria_assegni.pdf 
(https://www.unich.it/sites/default/files/scheda_1declaratoria_assegni_8.pdf under the link “Allegati”) where a further short description of the project can be found. Applications can be made through the site: https://pica.cineca.it/unich/ where you should follow the link indicated as D.R. n. 1886. Non-Italian candidates are advised to contact Profs. Wise or Tomassini for advice on how to complete the application process.