We are seeking applications for a 18 months Post-doc position starting after January 2023. The project will be carried out under the supervision of Daniela Lalli, part of the research group headed by Mauro Botta, at the Department of Sciences and Technological Innovation of the University of Eastern Piedmont, Alessandria.


The overall goal of the project is the investigation of the DNA replication mechanism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) using integrated structural biology methods, including NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and Cryo-EM.
In particular, we aim at revealing the structural organization, the dynamic properties and the molecular interactions of the smaller and flexible proteins involved in the DNA replicative helicase loading in MTB, using high resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) as the main investigation method. This information will complement X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM studies performed on the macromolecular complexes of the replication machinery by the partners of this project.
In fact, the project will be developed in close collaboration with Riccardo Miggiano, part of the biomolecular X-ray crystallography group leaded by Menico Rizzi at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Novara), and with David Jeruzalmi at the City University of New York.


The Department of Science and Technological Innovation of the University of Easter Piedmont, Alessandria, provides access to the Magnetic Resonance Platform PRISMA (https://www.prisma.uniupo.it), which comprises four high-resolution NMR spectrometers for solution NMR (two 500 MHz and two 400 MHz) and one for solid state NMR (500 MHz), a fast field-cycling relaxometer (0-10 MHz) and a high-field tunable relaxometer (20-120 MHz).


We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong scientific background, independence, and who enjoys working in a team. Prior experience with NMR is a prerequisite, with specific expertise in biomolecular NMR.

The successful candidate will work on:

  • Structure determination of proteins by solution NMR techniques
  • Characterization of protein-protein interactions
  • Investigation of protein dynamics.


To apply please send:

  • a cover letter (explaining your background and motivation);
  • your CV and publication list or a copy of PhD thesis;
  • contact information of referees;

to Daniela Lalli (daniela.lalli@uniupo.it).