qNMR Day: a GIDRM day organized in cooperation with GIRM

Location: Politecnico di Bari, Aula Magna A. Alto, via Orabona 4 – Campus Bari

Organisers: V. Gallo. P. Mastrorilli, M. Latronico, S. Pontelli, A. Rizzuti, S. Todisco, R. Ragone

Date: November 24th 2017

The goal of the qNMR day is to highlight the power of NMR spectroscopy in quantitative analysis and show its possible applications.

Attendance grants will be available for under 35 SCI members.

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Confirmed Speakers:

  • Maurizio Bettinelli (UNICHIM, Italy)
  • Kim Colson (Bruker, USA)
  • James Donarski (Fera, UK)
  • Vito Gallo (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)
  • Patrick Jonas (Spectral Service, Germany)
  • Michael Maiwald (Fed. Inst. Mater. Res. Test., BAM, Germany)
  • Michael Bernstein (Mestrelab, Spain)
  • Toro Miura (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Japan)
  • Marcus Obkircher (Sigma-Aldrich, Switzerland)
  • Torsten Schoenberger (Forensic Science Institute, Germany)
  • Takako Suematsu (Jeol, Japan)


For more information download the program: jpeg icon

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The registration fee, also covering lunch costs, is of 30 Euros for GIDRM members and of 50 Euros (including subscription to GIDRM for 2017) for non-members.

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Deadline for registration: November 12th 2017

For information, please contact: qnmr2017@gidrm.org

Download the presentations of the day:

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