Continuano i JEOL NMR webinars

  • Thursday 16th July“Main aspects and applications of FAST MAS Solid-State NMR”Dr. Federica Rossi

This webinar is intended to introduce the basic aspects of FAST MAS SSNMR and to show interesting applications of such a high spinning regime (≥ 40 kHz) to pharmaceutical systems.
Thanks to the significant enhancement in spectral resolution and sensitivity achieved by FAST MAS, “solution-like” proton-detected SSNMR experiments have become reality nowadays. Examples of such applications will be presented throughout this webinar.

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  • Thursday 23rd July“Elucidating nano-crystalline structure by combining microED and solid-state NMR”Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama

In this webinar, we will introduce a novel method to solve a crystalline structure from nano- to micro-sized crystals. Quite recently, microED is introduced to solve the structure from such a tiny single crystal. Although microED is a very powerful technique, the structure solved by microED is not perfect especially atomic resolution structures. For example, microED often mis-assign atoms with close atomic numbers (like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen) and more importantly locates hydrogen poorly. On the other hand, solid-state NMR is very sensitive technic to probe a local structure. Solid-state NMR has a very high capability to resolve nuclei, and directly monitor 1H. In this regard, information from microED and solid-state NMR provide complementary.
We will demonstrate the combined method of microED and solid-state NMR on a small amino acid and small pharmaceutical molecule whose structure has not been solved. We will also introduce a toolbox for pharmaceutical applications.

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