Fundamentals of magnetic resonance spectroscopies and metal trafficking

CERM is organizing a Training School, entitled “Fundamentals of magnetic resonance spectroscopies and metal trafficking”. The School will involve some of the most distinguished worldwide scientists in the above fields. It will be organized in two separate days, scheduled on October 22th and October 29th and will take place in the form of a virtual meeting.

The Training School will cover methodological and applied aspects of NMR, EPR and bioinformatics, with a specific focus on metalloproteins.

Registration is free of charge. The school is open to PhD students, postdocs and Early Career Investigators. To participate, the registration is mandatory at:

For detailed info about the event, please have a look at the attached file. Please share this information among your colleagues, coworkers and students.

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Looking forward to virtually welcoming you at CERM

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